The Hollow Men

Monument The Hollow Men aan de Bezuidenhoutseweg in De Haag in opdracht van Stichting Cordaid die hier elk jaar een gedenk moment organiseren voor alle omgekomen vluchtelingen.

The Hollow Men

For all perished refugees

This artwork is based on the given that we as humans are all connected. We all have an impact on eachother how big or how small we may see our selfs. No man stands on his own. For we are all human.

The monument inspired by the sculptures ‘Travelers’ by Bruno Catalano and ‘Striding man’ by  Oliffe Richmond relates to the poem of T.S. Elliot and therefor carries the same name‘ The Hollow Men’

The Hollow Men is captured in three dimensia’s. In the beginning the sculptured man that is, travelling on his way. The hollow frame as a window to see the man that was and could be, but is no more. And then, sometimes when the sun is shining, a reflection and shadow on the ground as a symbolic mark of dissapearance. The Hollow Men is these three. For it is not just one, it is so many, too many people perished on their way to safety

The sculptured man is litterly holding history on his back and future in his arms.

His history and his future gone, for he is gone

But also, because you and I are connected, part of this generation and part of this story, it is our history and our future. Gone. Leaving us empty. 

Therefor this monument is asking us this question: 

Who are the ones that are holow?

Who are ‘The Hollow Men’?